How to Cancel My Sprint Contract

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If you`re a Sprint customer and you`re looking to cancel your contract, then don`t worry, the process is relatively straightforward and can be done in just a few simple steps. In this article, we`ll guide you through how to cancel your Sprint contract, including the documents you`ll need, the fees involved, and what to expect once you`ve completed the process.

Step 1 – Determine if you`re eligible to cancel

Before you start the process of canceling your Sprint contract, it`s important to determine if you`re eligible to do so. If you`re still under contract, then you`ll be subject to early termination fees. However, if you`re out of contract or nearing the end of your agreement, then you won`t be subject to any fees.

Step 2 – Gather all the necessary documents

To cancel your Sprint contract, you`ll need to provide some personal information and documentation. Be sure to have the following documents handy:

– Your Sprint account number

– Your phone number

– Your billing address

– Your social security number

– A valid form of identification, such as a driver`s license or passport

Step 3 – Contact Sprint customer service

To initiate the cancellation process, you`ll need to contact Sprint customer service. You can do this by calling their customer service hotline or by visiting one of their retail stores. Once you`re connected to an agent, explain that you would like to cancel your contract and provide them with the necessary information and documentation.

Step 4 – Pay any early termination fees

If you`re still under contract, then you`ll be subject to early termination fees. These fees can vary depending on your agreement and the remaining months on your contract. Be sure to ask your customer service agent about any fees that apply to your specific situation.

Step 5 – Return any leased or financed devices

If you`re leasing or financing any Sprint devices, then you`ll need to return them to the company once your contract is canceled. Failure to do so can result in additional fees or charges. Be sure to follow any instructions provided by your customer service agent for returning your devices.

Step 6 – Confirm your cancellation

Once you`ve completed all the necessary steps, be sure to confirm that your contract has been canceled. You can do this by checking your account online or by contacting Sprint customer service again.

In conclusion, canceling your Sprint contract can be a relatively simple process if you have all the necessary information and documentation. Be sure to check if you`re eligible to cancel and gather all the required documents before contacting customer service. Remember to ask about any fees that may apply and follow any instructions provided to return any leased or financed devices. Good luck!

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